Jun 3, 2023 to Jun 3, 2023

Hon. Irene Muloni, Minister of Energy & Minerals Development received the Algerian Ambassador – 23 May 2017.

Hon. Irene Muloni, Minister of Energy & Minerals Development of the Republic of Uganda, today received the Algerian Ambassador with whom they had an overview on the state of the cooperation in the sector of Energy, especially, in the light of the actions agreed to and mentioned in the Joint Communiqué signed at the end of President Museveni’s four-day State visit to Algeria in October 2015.

On this occasion, they mutually underlined the Algerian experience in the field of hydrocarbons which can provide good prospects for the development of bilateral cooperation in this field. Thus, this meeting is part of of the implementation of the bilateral cooperation roadmap  between Uganda and Algeria in areas of common interest particularly in strategic fields.  In this context, Algeria will provide support to Uganda’s energy sector in the form of petroleum engineer training and capacity building.   

Mr. Youcef Abbou, Counselor at the Algerian Embassy in Kampala, and Mr. Robert Kasande, Director of Petroleum in the Minister of Energy & Minerals Development of Uganda attended this meeting.