Demonstrations of 11 December 1960: a single creed of the people « no other choice except the independence ».

At the end of 1957, colonial France asserted that « political dissent » in Algeria had been eradicated. Yet, the Algerian people would soon go down the street to once again show their desire for independence under the banner of FLN / ALN.

On December 11, 1960, three years after the Battle of Algiers, large-scale popular uprisings triumphed over French military oppression and changed the course of the Algerian revolution.

The Algerian population, including the elderly and a vanguard of women and children from thousands of shantytowns and segregated neighborhoods, converged on colonial cities across Algeria with flags, banners and fists lifted.

The retaliation, as usual, was brutal – but they failed to suppress the insurgency.