Jun 5, 2023 to Jun 5, 2023

Delegation of Algerian businessmen in Russia soon.

Algerian businessmen will head for Russia soon to continue discussions with Russian companies on cooperation and partnership opportunities, announced Tuesday in Algiers Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia.

“A delegation of Algerian businessmen representing public companies will head for Russia to continue discussions with Russian partners,” said Ouyahia during a press conference held jointly with his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev following the signing of five cooperation agreements between the two countries.

Medvedev’s visit, which comes one month after the 8th session of Algeria-Russia Joint Cooperation Commission, has been an opportunity for the two countries to examine several partnership and cooperation projects.

Algeria and Russia signed five cooperation agreements in the sectors of justice, health, hydrocarbons, vocational training and civil nuclear energy as well as a memorandum of understanding in pharmaceutical industry.

The two sides also agreed to launch new cooperation projects in the sectors of mining, industry, agriculture, tourism and higher education, said Ouyahia.