Jun 4, 2023 to Jun 4, 2023

11th session of the African Broadcasting Union: the Algerian Minister of communication exposes the Algerian experience in the field of Digital Terrestrial Television. Kigali, 12-13/03/2018.

The Minister of Communication, Djamel Kaouane, presented in Kigali, the Algerian experience in the field of digital terrestrial television (DTT), on the occasion of the Forum of the African Broadcasting Union which is taking place in the Rwandese capital under the theme: « The ferocious battles around TNT in Africa ».

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Kaouane emphasized the point that this forum is « a unique event that aims at bring together the African audiovisual community around a topic that is a nagging news, namely the migration to digital terrestrial television “, highlighting the » strategic dimension “that this field has for Algeria and the African continent as a whole”.

He recalled, in the same context, that « national broadcasters encompass both television and radio production activity and broadcasting activity. With the advent of DTT and the introduction of the concept of multiplex operator, or bouquet, it became necessary to separate these activities.

After having made the migration to digital broadcasting a reality, the communication sector « has set about, through the Public Broadcasting Company of Algeria (TDA), the introduction and generalization of a first network of Digital Terrestrial Television which required investments in the region of 50 million dollars, « the minister noted.

« The principle of our policy consists in an affirmed will of the State to offer a quality public service, accessible to all, » he said, claiming, in the latter respect, that the content of the TNT network « will be broadcast on the new Algerian telecommunications satellite, AlcomSat1, launched in December 2017«.