Following the Algerian Presidency of the 5th Conference of the International Declaration of Kigali to End Violence Against Women and Girls, which had been launched in Algiers in March 2016 in Algiers with the presence of the Secretary General of UN, Mr BANKI-Moon and which had been sanctioned by the adoption of the “Platform of Algiers”, an Algerian delegation led by the Controller Mr Ali FERRAG, Director of the Judiciary Police who was accompanied by the controller Djilali BOUDALIA, as well as Colonel Mounir LADJLI, Director of Public Security and Employment of the Gendarmerie Nationale and Mrs Nadia MELAINE, Pricipale Officer in charge of Empowerment and reinsertion at the Ministry of Justice. handed over powers of instruments to the incoming Chairperson, General Kale Kayihura , the Inspector General of Uganda Police Force.